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Personal Backup 6.2

Create and run file backup operations automatically at scheduled intervals
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Personal Backup can help you safeguard your data from accidental deletion or hardware malfunctioning by creating copies of specific files and folders. It is also helpful when you need to keep the same contents in various locations as it allows synchronization tasks that can run in incremental or differential mode.

The philosophy behind the application is based on creating backup or restore tasks, which can be run only once or otherwise be scheduled to run on definite conditions. Luckily, it is possible to configure and store as many backup tasks as you need. It also helps that you can create shortcuts for each task.

The tool supports backing up selected folders, including Documents and Application data, to a given local or network location, even to an FTP server. There are various options to save the backup data. First, you can keep the files just as they are, but you can also create zipped files (gzip format), which can be encrypted using AES algorithm. Moreover, if you prefer so, you can preserve the original file structure, an option that makes restoring much easier.

Frankly speaking, the program’s interface seems a little messy to me. I wouldn´t be surprised if many users find it quite confusing at first. Luckily, there are wizards to help you create backup jobs, and one of them is specifically intended for beginners. It is also a pity that some buttons fail to work properly when some input data haven’t been entered by the user. When this happens, instead of showing a message understandable by the end user, the program displays a code debug message.

All in all, Personal Backup is a versatile program. It provides the user with many ways to back up important information. However, there are better applications out there to do the same thing, which are fortunately much less complicated to use.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It supports scheduling jobs
  • It has a wizard for beginners
  • It supports various types of target locations
  • It can perform incremental and differential backups
  • Copies can be encrypted


  • It still has some bugs
  • It is difficult to use
  • It has a messy interface
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